Metalia Hospital

About Us

We Provide Personal Care at Affordable Price

Metalia Hospital and ICCU is to give honest, caring, compassionate and economical care to the people of Ahmedabad -Gujarat. The consultants working at Metalia Hospital are the best in their department. The quality of medical care is always monitored so that the patients are assured that medically necessary treatment is only being given to them.

Metallia Hospital delivers comprehensive and personalized care to each patient to ensure the most effective treatment. We not only offers leading-edge approaches for diagnosis and treatment but also provide patients with personalized support and education to help them cope with long-term illness and treatment.

Metalia Hospital with state-of-the-art facilities & treatments at an affordable cost, encompassing wide spectrum of accurate diagnostics and elegant therapeutics created on the philosophical edifice of patient and ethical centricity ensuring humanistic dispensation.

Metalia Hospital and ICCU have advance modern ICCU facilities for comprehensive medical care in Ahmedabad. We are providing OPD consultations, routine health check-ups, indoor facilities, which includes Special rooms, Private rooms, Economy beds, General wards, modern operation theatres, to provide, best ICU facility in Ahmedabad. Cash less Treatment Facility and CRITICAL CARE Unit and all major & minor surgical operations.

Word Class Facility and Expert Doctors: Metalia Hospital and ICCU have a team of the finest surgeons and doctors that provide constructive consultation and treatment by also offering the right environment and convenience with the help of our state-of-the-art facility.